Was he involved too? In 2019, Jeffrey Epstein (✝66) was charged with being the head of a child sex abuse ring, which is said to have included some well-known people. However, the investment banker died shortly before the trial. Now new details come to light: Apparently, Jeffrey had also threatened Bill Gates (67) to reveal dirty details about him!

As from a report by Wall Street Journal reveals that Jeffrey is said to have wanted the Microsoft founder to participate in a multi-billion dollar charity fund. Should he not participate, Jeffrey threatened to make his affair public! According to the report, Bill is said to have had an affair with the then early 20-year-old bridge player Mila Antonova in 2010. At that time he was already married to his ex-wife Melinda Gates (58).

A spokeswoman for Bill has already denied that the billionaire was involved in any affair with the woman. “Mr. Gates only met with Epstein for philanthropic reasons. Epstein tried unsuccessfully to use a previous relationship to threaten Mr. Gates.”she explained, according to the medium.

Source: celebtap.com