She is put in a drawer. The actress Mareike Flügge became known as Franzi in the docu-soap Berlin – Day & Night. In addition to her role in the series, Mareike is also a real star online. A total of 65,000 followers enjoy the hot snapshots of the beauty and insights into her private life. In her photos, the actress likes to show off her curves and sometimes lets the covers fall. Mareike explained that she is often reduced to her appearance.

“I’m very often reduced to my appearance and statements that I make online and thus put in a certain drawer. Especially by men,” she admitted in the RTL-Interview open to. But Mareike also made it clear: “Just because I dress the way I dress or talk openly about sex doesn’t mean I want to sleep with everyone.” The actress has many other interests and topics that she likes to talk about.

Nevertheless, Mareike insists on uploading sexy pics of herself. There is a good reason for this: “I believe that every woman and every human being can and should live freely and self-determinedly.” So she uses the platform to show: “Everyone has the right to feel beautiful and sexy, regardless of body size.”