She doesn’t put up with anything! Rita Ora (32) has made a name for herself as a singer in recent years. But the beauty often not only attracts attention because of her music, but also because of her very eccentric style. The “I Will Never Let You Down” interpreter regularly appears almost without a cover and wears very striking outfits. This does not seem to suit some people, which is incomprehensible for the musician. She says: Many reactions to Rita’s Look below the belt!

In the talk with Glamor UK describes the 32-year-old: “I’ve had to listen to it since the beginning of my career. People judge what I wear and they’re always like, ‘Is she too naked?’ or ‘May she say that?’ I just find all of that misogynistic.” A great role model for Rita has been Madonna (64) for many years – the Queen of Pop herself. “She always knew that not everyone would like what she wears or how she behaves. Nevertheless, she finally implemented it all,” enthuses the singer about her fellow musician.

Just under two months ago Rita presented to the world covered with just a towel. In a social media clip, the “Ritual” hitmaker swayed her hips to the song “Keep On Serving Countess” by T. Kyle. At one point in the video, the beauty was completely exposed from the side.