The reason behind Rob Luna’s death is yet to be confirmed, although it is rumored that he went into cardiac arrest. However, certain speculation suggests that a brain tumor could have caused his demise. Luna’s family has not verified any rumors of his death.

On January 28, 2023, Rob Luna, a beloved screamer and friendly businessman, passed away at the age of 37. The community of Bang Bang (MLBB) was devastated to learn of his tragic loss and continues to grieve as he prays for his family. .

Reports indicate that Luna died due to a heart attack, although some question this as the cause. Nevertheless, his family and the MLBB Esports organization have yet to confirm or release a statement regarding his death.

Fans eagerly await an official cause of death for Luna’s family. In a video from the “HOT SHOWBIZ.” YouTube channel, it was claimed that “he died of a brain aneurysm”, but many believe cardiac arrest was the actual cause of his death.

Life overview of Rob Luna

Rob Luna, a renowned commentator of the hit mobile MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is also known as a shout-caster. Luna’s career as a professional caster began in 2019 when he provided live commentary and analysis of Esports matches, similar to how traditional sports commentators cover games.

Through his hard work and dedication, Luna has achieved tremendous success and gained worldwide recognition. He also participated in other MLBB events, showing off his vast knowledge of the game and his entertaining style.

Before his untimely passing, Luna was cast in numerous major events and tournaments in the Mobile Legends community.

Since at least 2018, he has been a prominent figure in the Mobile Legends Esports scene, casting for the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL), a tournament series featuring the best teams from Southeast Asia. Luna’s lively and charismatic commentary made him a fan favorite among the community.

Tribute to Rob Luna

After the passing of Rob Luna, his loved ones expressed their deepest condolences to his family and shared their love through various social media platforms. Numerous esports personalities also took to social media to pay tribute to Luna and share fond memories they had with him.

Bennette “Prof B” Felix, who referred to Luna as his best friend in the industry, posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, expressing his admiration for Luna’s contributions to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene.

“Rob brought the New Flavor of Meta to the MLBB scene because he was the shoutcaster who also wanted to grow on YouTube and other platforms,” He wrote. Felix also noted that Luna fought his illness bravely and requested that it not be made public to avoid an uproar.

Wolf also paid tribute to Luna on social media, stating that Luna was always the first to see, support and hype him no matter what he did. “Whatever it is, I miss you, man. Thank you for everything,” he wrote.