Roberto Firmino Wife, Girlfriend, What Happened to His Teeth?

Roberto Firmino Wife, Girlfriend, What Happened to His Teeth?

Nothing in this world can replace a persistent talent, one that has endured thick and thin and shines out at the end of the tunnel. This could be said of the rare talent of Brazilian footballer Roberto Firmino, who plays for Premier League club Liverpool and his national team as an attacking midfielder, striker or winger.

The exceptional footballer was born Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira on 2 October 1991 in Maceió, Brazil, the son of Jose Roberto and Mariana Cicero. Although his family can be described as poor while he was growing up and his neighborhood was prone to criminal activity, his natural talent allowed him to focus on breaking the status quo.

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Being young and talented gives you a kind of wing. He felt he had wings to fly to any part of the world, and he believed in himself despite the ugly circumstances around him. At the age of 6, he fell in love with the round leather game and has been inseparable from it ever since. Roberto always found a way to get closer to his love, football, even though his mother tried to keep a close eye on him and usually kept him from going out.

Roberto Firmino Wife, Girlfriend, What Happened to His Teeth?
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But he soon showed his talent on the pitch, and neighbors appreciated his skills and would freeze in awe when he showed up. Only then did his parents allow him to go out and play freely in the hope that their son would somehow become their messiah and improve their lives. The starlet joined the youth system of the Clube de Regatas Brasil (CRB) at the age of thirteen, from where he learned the necessary skills and tricks of professional football.

In 2008, during one of his outings where he demonstrated his exceptional skills, he was discovered by the man who was to set him on the road to glory. The man, a dentist, Marcellus Portella, immediately recognized his genius and did everything within his power, and perhaps even beyond, to get Roberto to join Brazilian club Figueirense, even though at first he was thought to be mad because he believed the boy would go far in the world of football. From there, he rose through the ranks and got ready to play top-level football.

Roberto Firmino Career

Roberto started with Figueirense and made his professional debut for the Serie B Championship with Toninho on 24 October 2009. He played as a half-time substitute for the first time, but soon showed what he was made of and was promoted to the main squad.

From there, he earned his transfer to the German club Hoffenheim. Roberto signed a contract with the club in December 2010, which ran until 2015. During his time there, he was named a breakthrough player in the league.

Firmino has always had the dream of becoming one of Brazil’s best footballers, and today he has not only achieved that but has also gained worldwide recognition. He made his international debut for Brazil in November 2014, after which he played for the nation at the Copa América 2015. In May 2018, he joined the 23-man squad of Tite for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

On 23 June 2015, he signed for Premier League club Liverpool. The £29 million contracts made him the second most expensive contract Liverpool has ever signed.

He started out at a slow pace at the club, but with the arrival of manager Jurgen Klopp, he improved and was voted Liverpool Player of the Month in January 2016. He also finished the season as the top scorer in the Liverpool League with ten goals. On 29 April 2018, he signed a new long-term contract with the club.

Roberto Firmino is so talented and gifted that he performs well in every position. It will even be difficult to find out what position he holds. He can dribble, shoot, assist very well, and also has a great header ability. His modest mentality and fine attitude also distinguish him from other players. Roberto’s name was shortened by Liverpool fans and players to the affectionate nickname Bobby.

The star, who window-shopped as a boy and consoled himself with the thought that one day he would own the luxuries of life, now not only owns them but changes them at will and even lets others share in his luxury. With a hefty net worth of $32 million and an annual salary of more than $5 million, he has certainly broken the curse of poverty and is indeed his family’s Messiah.

Roberto Firmino Wife, Girlfriend

Roberto Firmino Wife, Girlfriend, What Happened to His Teeth?
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Besides his ability to score goals, the other aspect of his life that is just as interesting is his private life, his family. He left his family when he was 16 years old to follow his dream, but he hasn’t forgotten them a bit over the years. His parents and his sister had the opportunity and luxury to travel around the world to watch their beloved game and win trophies and medals.

Most of his body art is inspired by his love for his family. One of them is the German transcription for family, infinite love.

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The Liverpool midfielder is married to his long-time girlfriend, a Brazilian model, and Instagram star Larissa Pereira. The model was born on 12 December 1992. He met her in 2013 in a local nightclub and has been addicted to it ever since.

The duo exchanged their marriage vows in 2017 in his hometown in front of friends, families, and fellow players. They have two daughters, Valentina (born 2014) and Bella. The handsome couple is known for their variety of outfits and for keeping up with the latest styles.

What Happened to Roberto Firmino’s Teeth?

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There is an arbitrary belief that the footballer had his teeth whitened, which could be true, especially since they were not always so snowy. He doesn’t hold anything back when he bleaches them and always shows his best smile, which fans find amazing. He has a number of high-quality nipples that always deserve the applause of the fans after the games. Most notable was the 3-0 win over Derby County at the iPro Stadium in 2015.

The 5’11” player was scouted by a dentist, which may have played a role in his gleaming white teeth. However, the revenue was credited to another dentist, Robbie Hughes, who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. The dentist is the owner of Dental Excellence, based in Garston. He is also responsible for many players and staff, including Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho, Klopp, and celebrities such as Imogen Townley.

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