Rod Stewart (78) has had exciting days! Ruby Stewart (35), the pop singer’s daughter, announced earlier this year that she was pregnant with her first child. Only a short time later, more good news followed: the musician’s son revealed that he was also expecting offspring. A few days ago, Liam’s son was born. But that’s not all: Previously saw Ruby’s Baby the light of the world!

Via Instagram the 35-year-old announced the great news. The new mom shared a cute snap of her son, who was born on May 9 and is named Otis. “This love… unlike any other love I’ve ever known. I can’t remember what life was like before you. But nothing matters more since you’re here. Your birth is the beginning of our family,” were Ruby’s emotional lines.

After the birth of her little one, another special event awaits the model: earlier this year she got engaged to her partner Jake Kalic. Under the Instagrampost gushed the new mom: “I say yes to this life, to our love, because ‘forever’ doesn’t sound like a long time when I’m spending the time with you.”