This gift should be another indication for many Let’s Dance viewers! For a few weeks, numerous fans have been speculating that there is more between the candidate Timon Krause (28) and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (36). The two are said to have ended their relationship almost at the same time. Now they keep the rumor mill going: Timon gave Ekat a special birthday present – a music box!

The professional dancer turned a year older on April 23 – and on that day she received a sweet gift from during training for tonight’s “Let’s Dance” episode Timon presented: The mentalist gave Ekat a music box that plays her favorite song “Hallelujah”. He also sang her a serenade live in the studio on her special day.

This gift is for many Twitter-User reason enough to continue discussing a possible romance between Timon and Ekaterina to speculate. “Ekat just stares Timon on”, “music box, how romantic” or also “Can anyone tell me that between Ekat and Timon Nothing goes”for example, three users wrote on the news platform.