Romina Palm (23) finds her center! The former Germany’s next top model candidate separated from her long-term partner Stefano Zarrella (32) in March. A lot has happened in the life of the influencer since then and she now lives alone in an apartment with her dog Baloo. Apparently, the love off has opened up many new possibilities for her. Because Romina is doing really well at the moment!

On Instagram The 23-year-old answered questions from her fans and admitted: “I’ve never been as balanced as I am now!” A lot has happened to her in the last few months. “Living on my own with Baloo was a huge change for me too, and it wasn’t always easy. But all of that allows you to grow! I’ve been able to gain great new first-time experiences and I’m noticing how I’m finding my inner center more and more.”Romina continues.

Among other things, the redhead is doing so well because she is fighting her eating disorder and has been in therapy since January. “In fact, I’ve been clean for two months and haven’t had a relapse. That’s the longest it’s been in seven years. So you can imagine how incredibly good I am.”Romina enthuses and emphasizes that she really enjoys eating again and can really enjoy it.