Ronnie DeVoe Wife, Kids, Mom, Twin Brother, Family, Height, Age

Ronnie DeVoe Wife, Kids, Mom, Twin Brother, Family, Height, Age

New Edition was one of the It boy bands in the ’80s, and Ronnie DeVoe was proud to be a part of it. He joined as the penultimate member of the Ralph Tresvant-led band. It is said that New Edition won a record deal with Maurice Starr’s record company Streetwise in 1981, after winning second place in a talent contest.

With four albums released in a row, New Edition took the 80s by storm and had everyone and everything singing to their sound. They were by far the best-selling RnB/Hip-Hop boybands of their time.

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After separating from New Edition in 1990, DeVoe put together his own band Bell Biv DeVoe, which he formed with his New Edition colleagues Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins. DeVoe achieved impressive success with his band and they still make new music today. Even since reuniting with New Edition in 1996, DeVoe has been recording with his old squad.

Ronnie DeVoe Wife, Kids, Mom, Twin Brother, Family, Height, Age
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Ronnie DeVoe Age – Is He Truly Older Than His Twin Brothers?

For a long time, the members of the New Edition were mainly known for their musical heroics. However, with the release of their three-part mini-series biography The New Edition Story, which was broadcast on BET at the end of January 2017, many facts about the band members have come to light, and one of them is about a particular twin brother.

No! Ronnie was not born as a twin, but alone on November 17, 1967, in Boston Massachusetts. After the biopic with a scene in which Ronnie’s brother (Roland Devoe) laughed at him while he was trying to get his steps right for an audition for the New Edition, however, many people learned that Roland is actually a twin with Ronnie’s other brother Robert DeVoe.

It’s been a fact ever since, but the world never really took notice of it until that scene in the Biopic. Oh! The power of film. In 2012, on May 9th to be exact, Ronnie used his Twitter account to wish his twin brothers a happy birthday. He simply wrote “Happy Birthday 2 my Brothers “Robert Anthony DeVoe” & “Roland Antone DeVoe! No one on this planet has my back like the #TWINS #DEVOEMOB”.

Ronnie DeVoe Wife, Kids, Mom, Twin Brother, Family, Height, Age
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Alluding to how unpopular this tweet was back then, it only got 14 retweets and 7 likes. Anyway, Ronnie has published photos of his twin brothers more often in the last years.

Another fact that makes the truth unbelievable is that Ronnie looks younger than his younger twin brothers, as can be seen in a recently published photo, but you know, Ronnie DeVoe is just one of the Pharrell Williams of this world.

His Family, Mom, Wife, and Kids

From the way he connects with his twin brothers, it’s clear that Ronnie’s family is closely linked, and in Ronnie’s words, they certainly have each other’s backs. In fact, it was his uncle, Brooke Payne (his mother’s brother), who was the choreographer/manager of the New Edition, who persuaded him to join the boy band as the penultimate member.

Ronnie’s mother Flo DeVoe also supported her son’s excursion into music. She was born on September 27, 1949. In the biography of the New Edition, she was portrayed by La La Anthony. Ronnie’s father Ronald Boyd DeVoe Sr, who was born in 1947, is late.

In addition to the twin brothers, Ronnie’s family also includes the two sisters Regina and Tonya.

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Ronnie DeVoe Wife, Kids, Mom, Twin Brother, Family, Height, Age

Ronnie has been married to his wife, the R&B singer Shamari Fears, since 2006. Fears are best known as the lead singer of the girl band Blaque, which reached the peak of its success in the 1990s. The band was best known for the song “Bring It All to Me”, which was an international hit on their self-titled debut album. The group fell silent for a while before planning a reunion in 2012, unfortunately, thwarted by the unfortunate death of one of their members, Reed, who was hit by a car in Atlanta on October 26, 2012.

There are twins in the DeVoe family, so it came as no surprise when the couple announced in February 2017 that they were expecting twins. In November 2017 they welcomed twin boys who already have their own Instagram page, DeVoeTwins.

Ronnie DeVoe’s Height

If you ever come across people speculating about how tall Ronnie DeVoe is, you can save the day by stating the fact – the entertainer is 6 feet (1.83 m) tall.

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