Questions over questions! The big event in Great Britain was scheduled for the past weekend: King Charles III. (74) was solemnly crowned head of the British monarchy. His younger son Prince Harry (38), who has been at odds with his family for months, also appeared on this occasion. But it seemed like Prince William’s brother (40) was in a hurry – because he left the country right after the ceremony. This raises a question for his family: Why was Harry there in the first place?

A friend of the family is now telling opposite Vanity Fairthat the Royal Family “wonders why Harry came at all.” During the preparations for the coronation, Charles and Princess Diana’s (✝36) younger son was probably not a major issue, as the source divulges: “You make your decisions. To be honest, there wasn’t much talk about Harry. The focus was all on the occasion.” Nevertheless, his fleeting visit disappointed the family and made his father “sad”.

This could also be due to an alleged invitation to the coronation lunch that Charles is said to have issued. For a long time it was not clear whether Harry had accepted the invitation – but at the latest when he landed in his adopted country of America, it was clear: Harry didn’t accept his father’s offer of peace.