Now follows a statement from the station boss! A few weeks ago, the announcement of a documentary about the pregnancy of Michael Wendler’s (50) wife Laura Müller (22) caused a public outcry: because the pop singer had caused a stir with controversial theories some time ago, fans boycotted the project. Celebrities were also shocked. The documentary was then called off. Now the RTL2 boss Andreas Bartl also expresses himself.

“The mere idea that you could try a purely entertaining format with Wendler was a mistake”he showed himself to the kress pro magazine insightful. The decision also caused protests within the broadcaster: “I understand that it caused a lot of misunderstanding and also anger. The justified criticism of many colleagues hurts.”

But how did this decision come about in the first place? That should now be discussed, he announced. “We want to understand why no red flag was raised here and thus ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.”explained Andrew.