Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery
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Ryan Waller died as a result of a Christmas Day break-in, a shooting, and the murder of his girlfriend.

Walter’s story has both tragic elements and accusations of injustice.

Walter was not, after all, a victim; instead, he was one of the main suspects in the unfortunate incident that left him and his girlfriend dead.

He was well-known online, having been the subject of a lengthy police interview conducted while he was still struggling with his two head wounds.

In the end, his case involved both civil rights violations and police misconduct, including the fact that they did not treat him immediately and ignored his brain damage for several hours.

The case is also known to contain a lot of false information.

There were several theories and complaints that the police had not treated Ryan fairly and that there was more to the story when many unrelated individuals and the media conducted additional interviews with Ryan’s family and friends.

The Murder Case – What Happened In The House Of Ryan Waller With Him & His Girlfriend?

Heather and Ryan used to live together in a rented apartment together with a roommate, Alexis.

But they were not at home that day.

The deceased couple had only lived in the house for about one and a half months.

On the afternoon of 23 December, 2006, Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room or their room when Richie Carver, Larry Carver’s son, arrived at Walter’s door.

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When they rang the bell at Walter’s door, Ryan came over to see who it was. However, Carver and his son broke into Walter’s home.

When Walter tried to close the door, Richie stuck his hand inside and shot Ryan twice in the head, thinking he was dead.

He then killed Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather, by shooting her while she was sitting on a couch in another room.

Because the father-son team did not want any witnesses, Richie allegedly killed him.

After the shooting, Richey and his father also confiscated some weapons and a computer from the scene.

Why Was Ryan Waller & Heather Shot  

Many theories have been developed as to why Larry and his son tried to kill Walter and his girlfriend Heather.

When Walter and Larry’s son Richie used to be roommates, their differences continued for some time. Ryan and Richie had also previously engaged in physical altercations with each other.

Some others allege that Richie turned on Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather, whom he found abusive.

On the other hand, there were rumors that Richie and Walter got into an argument with a gun.

Some claim that Richie was simply jealous of Ryan’s nice property.

The Investigation – Why Did The Police Suspect Ryan As The Murderer?

It was close to Christmas, so it was expected that Ryan or Heather would have called or come by to celebrate the holiday.

After about three days, Ryan’s father became worried because he had not heard from his son for several days.

After two days without a call from Ryan, his parents went to his home. They rang the doorbell and peeked out, but no one answered.

His father called the police when he got no answer from them.

When the police arrived at the apartment, they found that Heather Quan was dead. Surprisingly, Ryan Waller was still alive and moving around the property, although he had been shot in the head and his girlfriend’s corpse was lying around.

Waller reportedly refused to speak to the police, claiming that he did not remember what had happened.

His actions further complicated matters, leading to his arrest and hours of questioning by the police.

During the investigation, when the police called out Richie Carver’s name, Ryan was surprisingly able to identify him and his father as the shooter.

According to the authorities, Ryan had various wounds on his nose and cheeks, as well as a badly swollen black eye.

Through vertical blinds, police officers eventually discovered the body of Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather. They quickly handcuffed the injured Ryan and took him to their vehicle.

Ryan’s parents, Don and his wife were unable to meet their son because of the police officers. Furthermore, he could not take his son to the hospital.

Ryan Underwent A Dreadful Interrogation Despite Being Shot Twice

After his detention, Ryan spent several hours in patrol cars without receiving any medical treatment.

The next day, at around 5 a.m., Ryan was taken to an interrogation point.

Although there was an obvious wound to his left eye, the police did not believe that Ryan had been shot in the head because they believed that he had killed his girlfriend.

Police Refused Medical Assistance For Ryan While He Was Brutally Injured 

The police refused to give Ryan medical help in time because they did not believe him. By the time he finally received medical help, his condition had deteriorated.

While he was still injured and in pain, he was questioned by Detective Paul Dalton. Ryan said little during the interrogation, except that he wanted to sleep.

The police then questioned him about Richie and other matters. Ryan reportedly refused to reveal that he had killed Heather, despite the detective’s attempts to persuade him to do so.

Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery
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Ryan was admitted to the hospital only after several hours of questioning. Later, the police told his father, Don, that his son was in critical condition.

According to what the doctors allegedly told Don, Ryan’s father, the infection was caused by a failure to provide immediate medical attention.

It took 35 days for Valer to recover in the hospital.

During the recovery process, Ryan lost part of his brain. Ryan’s left eye was permanently lost and even after leaving the hospital, he suffered seizures for several years.

The Testimony – Who Was The Real Culprit?

After Ryan identified Richie and his father Larry for the shooting, police officers arrested Richie almost a week after Ryan Waller had left the hospital.

Richie’s mother turned his father Larry in the following week. Richie was first given a fine.

Richie Lee, Carver’s son, was found guilty five years before his father, in 2008. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Police found Richie guilty of murder, burglary, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, and use of a weapon.

Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery
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Because Larry’s wife refused to testify against him under the pretext of her conjugal rights, the court was initially unable to charge him.

Ritchie’s mother had to appear in court after Heather’s family successfully lobbied to have the privilege waived, as mentioned in the later provision above.

In November 2011, the court re-indicted Larry for first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, burglary, and grievous bodily harm.

The case was closed when Maricopa County jurors found Larry Lloyd Carver guilty on several charges related to the 2006 murder of Heather M. Quan.

The jury also found Carver responsible for the attempted murder of her lover, Ryan T. Waller.

On 25 January 2013, after a ten-day trial, Carver was sentenced to potential life imprisonment. Some argue that parole was not an option.

Ryans’s Parents Call Out Police For Evidence Tampering 

Don, Ryan’s father, sued the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona a few years after Richie and Larry were sentenced to prison.

Don claimed that the police gave false information about the day of the shooting.

Ryan’s interrogator, Detective Dalton, was also accused of fabricating evidence and making up stories about the case.

Dalton reportedly had a controversial professional background, particularly in the handling of his former cases.

In the past, he had put up cover-ups for the wrong person and broken the law in order to close a case.

It is understood that the Phoenix Police Department is currently under investigation for its handling of the Ryan case.

Even the US Department of Justice contacted the officials who conducted the interrogation of Ryan.

Ryan Waller’s Death

No one knew exactly what difference one hour could have made, as he had been in the apartment for almost three days before the police arrived at the scene of the crime.

If the police had reacted more quickly to give Ryan Waller medical attention, it is unclear whether his life could have been saved.

When Ryan first became blind, he had to rely on his parents to get by. Later, he began having seizures, which eventually led to his death in January 2007.

Overview Of Ryan Waller Life

Ryan Waller Ryan Thomas Waller was born on 12 February 1988.

There is not much information about Walter’s past, although he was into playing guitar in his youth.

Walter’s father, Donald Thomas Walter, often called Don, is said to have remarked that Walter was one of those young people who could rap along to his song as soon as he heard it.

He also liked technology. A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Walter was living in Phoenix, Arizona, at the time of his death and probably long before.