Nino de Angelo (59) opens up and talks about the reasons for his addictions. The singer of Italian descent has been delighting his fans since the 1980s. Especially the hits “Jenseits Von Eden” or “Zeit Für Rebellen” were great successes. He also gives insights into his everyday life online. In 2004 he made his cocaine addiction public. Well there Nino his deceased brother as the reason for his problems…

In the playboy-Interview revealed the 59-year-old: “Before my parents came to Germany, they had a son who had the same name as me, Domenico Gorgoglione. Unfortunately, he died as a baby, under circumstances that can no longer be understood.” Apparently, this had a pretty big impact on the musician. “I [habe gedacht]’I’m living someone else’s life’he admitted.

Born in Karlsruhe, he has lived through one or the other alcohol excess in addition to his cocaine addiction. That’s why he took a six-month break from the substance last year, but then explained: “I haven’t had any alcohol for six months. Then I drew a conclusion: Viewed soberly, it was better drunk! That’s why I now regularly treat myself to my wine or my gin and tonic again.”