Are you still looking for a good TV for your home cinema? Then Amazon now has the right offer for you, because the shipping giant offers three excellent QLED TVs from Samsung for competitive prices.


Amazon recently turned heads with massively miniaturized LG OLED TVs. Now there are also Samsung 4K TVs with a considerable price reduction. These three models are particularly worthwhile:

Samsung QLED TV Q70B with 75 inches: The perfect all-rounder

At 75 inches (191 centimeters), the Samsung Q70B is currently reduced by 38 percent compared to the suggested retail price at Amazon and costs only 1446.53 euros. At the moment, the device is nowhere cheaper.

Samsung Q70B with 75 inches at Amazon *

Whether for gaming, sports broadcasting or streaming, with its 120 Hertz QLED display including strong color reproduction and high image sharpness the Q70B almost always cuts a good figure in terms of movement.

In total there are four HDMI 2.1 ports on board. Here you can connect a Playstation 5 or an Xbox Series X, among other things, and benefit from faster signal transmission while gaming. In addition, all popular streaming apps are available on the Q70B.

You just have to make small compromises in terms of contrast and brightness of the image. Even in daylight, the Samsung 4K TV effortlessly masters sports broadcasts. However, you prefer to enjoy films or series in a darkened home cinema or in the evening. In addition, the Q70B only has a relatively narrow viewing angle.

Samsung 4K TV Q80A with 85 inches and Direct Full Array

A whopping 48 percent discount compared to the suggested retail price, Amazon now offers Samsung’s Q80A with 85 inches (214 centimeters). The smart TV costs only 2299 euros. This is also the current low price.

Samsung Q80A with 85 inches at Amazon*

The Samsung Q80A offers significantly more than the Q70B. This is also a QLED TV, but it also has Direct Full Array. This technology divides the display into many small zones that can be switched on and off or dimmed individually.

The Q80A provides excellent contrast and a wide range of light and dark image areas. The brightness of this smart TV clearly exceeds that of the Q70B. Movie enjoyment is also possible here in daylight.

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However, compared to competition from LG and Sony, the Q80A, like all Samsung TVs, has the disadvantage of lacking Dolby Vision support. As a result, you have to make compromises in terms of brightness and color range when you watch movies and series in Dolby Vision format. With HDR10 +, Samsung relies on its own technology, which is only used by a few streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Paramount +. Netflix, on the other hand, produces in Dolby Vision.

But it must be said that you can of course still stream Netflix content in HDR10 format with Samsung 4K TVs. The picture is still impressive, but not as brilliant as on a TV with Dolby Vision support.

Samsung Smart TV QN800A with 85 inches and 8K resolution

If you want it even better, the Samsung QN800A is an 85-inch 8K display for 3,199 euros at Amazon a good choice. You will not get the TV cheaper at the moment.

Samsung QN800A with 85 inches at Amazon *

Of course, what sets the QN800A apart is its 8K resolution screen, which comes into its own given the size of the gigantic Neo QLED TV. The new Quantum Matrix technology offers no less than 1344 dimming zones, so that even the smallest street lamps in the background can be seen with pin-sharp clarity.

A disadvantage of the QN800A is the power consumption, which is significantly higher than the values ​​of the competition. The reason is the 8K screen, which allows less light from the backlight to pass through than with 4K due to the dense pixel structure. So the backlight has to provide more power to generate good brightness, which in turn costs more electricity.

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