He was struggling! Samuel Finzi (57) has already acted in a number of successful films. But while the actor is doing very well these days, especially from a career point of view, he has had to go through a lot privately. So he lost his first wife Dimitra Petrou, who was suffering from a brain tumor. He also had to do military service in his home country of Bulgaria and probably suffered a lot from the conditions. The “Kokowääh” actor admits: Samuels Time in the military was torture for him!

In the talk with colorful.de the 57-year-old describes: “You’re really being harassed and tortured there.” At a moment like this, all you can think about is pure survival, he says. The actor explains: “But if you can’t breathe, you can’t be mad at people.” The time was very difficult to endure, but thanks to his dad he was able to escape the terrible scenario. “My father saved me, I don’t know how, but through some connections he managed to get me out of there,” continues the film actor.

Talks about the hard times in the military Samuel probably also in his recently published autobiographical novel entitled “Samuel’s Book”. In it, the author also describes the circumstances that led to him living in Germany today and why he turned his back on Bulgaria.

Source: celebtap.com