Sandra Oh Net Worth, Husband, Partner and Other Interesting Facts

Sandra Oh Net Worth, Husband, Partner and Other Interesting Facts

From her ethnic background to her private life and career, Sandra Oh is a much-discussed personality in the film industry. You will surely know her from the popular medical ABC drama series Grey’s Anatomy, in which she plays the leading role of Cristina Yang. Oh’s remarkable role in the prestigious series has earned her much recognition and awards, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Golden Globe Award. She has also received several award nominations on various platforms. Apart from her appearances on screen, there are other interesting facts to learn about the talented actress. Here are some less known facts about Sandar Oh.

Sandra Oh Bio

She was born on July 20, 1971, in Ottawa, Canada, the daughter of Korean parents. Although she has Canadian citizenship, Oh is of Korean descent. Before her birth, her parents, Oh Junsu and Jeon Young-Nam moved from Korea to Canada to settle there. Sandra’s inclination toward the performing arts began at a very young age. During her primary school years, she participated in school performances and musicals. At a very young age, she was also a ballet dancer, although she later switched to acting.

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Sandra Oh attended Sir Robert Borden High School in the Nepean District of Ottawa, Ontario. She was very active in high school and made a significant contribution to the music, theater, and political activities of the school. She joined the school’s drama club and her presence in the club was well deserved.

Sandra Oh Net Worth, Husband, Partner and Other Interesting Facts
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Sandra Oh’s interest in acting led her to turn down a four-year scholarship to study journalism at Carleton University. Instead, she went to the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and took care of her tuition fees. She graduated in 1993, the year in which her career officially began. Oh got an offer to play in Oleanna, a stage production. She then starred in several biopics before making her film debut in 1994 with the movie Double Happiness. After an impressive performance in that film, Oh later starred in films such as Bean, Last Night, Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity before appearing in The Waking the Dead. She also appeared in the comedy Big Fat Liar.

The talented actress appeared in six seasons of the series Arliss before she joined the cast of the medical hit series Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. She played the role of Cristina Yang, a role that won her numerous awards, including the Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actress” in a series in 2005, and a 2006 Screen Actors Guild award for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress in a Drama Series. Oh was nominated for a fifth Emmy nomination in 2009 for her work in Grey’s Anatomy.

Despite her fame, Oh did not relax, she continued to star in other films. Her films include Rabbit Hoe, Defendor, The Night Listener, and many others. She also starred in the 2018 spy series Killing Eve 2018.

Sandra Oh Net Worth

Sandra Oh reaps the fruits of her steadfastness and creativity in the industry. The Canadian actress sits on an estimated net worth of 25 million dollars and owes this amount to her film roles. It is reported that a greater part of her income comes from her longtime appearance in Grey’s Anatomy, which lasted for many years.

Sandra Oh Net Worth, Husband, Partner and Other Interesting Facts
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Personal Life – Husband, Partner

Having a flourishing career also means having the media and fans in your company equally. Although she keeps her private life very private, she does not quite manage to keep it from the public. Sandra Oh was formerly married to Alexander Payne, a filmmaker. Oh and Payne started out as friends and later ended up as lovers.

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They were together for five years before they entered into the marriage in 2003. But things between them turned sour and they separated in 2005 before they officially divorced the following year. Oh soon moved on and got involved with Andrew Featherston, a musician, and member of the band “The Hereafter”. It’s not clear whether the two are still together, but they have shown no signs of separation.

Other Interesting Facts You Should Know

  • Although she is more popular on television, Sandra Oh is also present on the Internet. The talented actress played the leading role in the web series Shitty Boyfriends in 2015.
  • After a remarkable performance in the spy thriller series Killing Eve in 2018, Oh became the first Asian actress to receive an Emmy nomination for Best Actress in a Drama.
  • Because she is in love with acting, Oh confesses that she is the only one in her family who does not have a master’s degree, as other members of her family besides her have chosen the path of education.

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