Without Amira Pocher (30), the relationship between Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40) and her ex Oliver Pocher (45) would probably still be difficult. The entrepreneur and the comedian have been going their separate ways since 2013. While the parents of three children get along really well these days, things looked very different after the breakup. How sandy now reveals that she has a good relationship with her ex, especially his new wife amira Thanks to!

“After all these years, Amira has actually become a good friend of mine, and the fact that our children have the same father and are half-siblings also connects us,” says the 40-year-old in an interview Picture. Born in Munich, she is grateful to the moderator for being willing to get to know her and integrate her into her family. “She put the broken relationship with Olli back on the right track. We all get along great now.”stressed sandy.

However, it took a while for that to happen. So a lot of patience and communication was necessary to cement the relationship. “For a while I’d rather be with you amira communicated, but now I have such a good relationship with Olli that it really just depends on which of the two has time or answers the phone first”explains Sandy.

Source: celebtap.com