That costs him dearly. FC Bayern Munich star Sadio Mané lost his nerve after a defeat: in the Champions League game against Manchester City Bayern lost and conceded three goals. Sadio is said to have freaked out in the cabin and hit his colleague Leroy Sané (27). The kicker was then already suspended for one game. Now Sadio has to dig deep into his pocket.

Officially, Munich did not share the amount of the penalty. Sports IMAGE however, reports that the Senegalese has set a new club record with the total: Accordingly, Sadio has to pay 350,000 euros – more than any other player in the club’s history.

the beaten one Leroy himself is said to have campaigned before the club bosses discussed how to proceed so that Sadio would not punish too severely – and certainly not completely thrown out of the club. The bosses later agreed on the temporary suspension and discussed the amount of the sum.