She declared war on alcohol! Sara Kulka (32) is a German model and a successful television actress. The blonde owes her fame to the casting show Germany’s next top model, where she took fifth place. After participating in other reality shows, she is now a mother of two and happily married. Sara keeps her private life out of the public eye for the most part: Now she surprised her with an emotional confession online!

“Never again do I want to look like this and be in this state,” writes the model in her Instagram-Story. Sara refers to a post from last year in which she announced that she no longer wanted to drink alcohol. “I’m not a man for halves, so I vowed never to let another drop of that stuff into my body and brain”, she also says. For them, alcohol is pure poison.

The reason for this decision a few months ago was that she was not doing well physically and mentally after drinking alcohol. She also admitted at the time: “My worst mistake was when I was drunk and woke up in the hospital the next morning.” She looks forward to having good moments without alcohol.