Sarah Engels (30) chats about an intimate mom topic! The singer is now the proud mother of two children. After son Alessio Lombardi (7), whom she had with her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi (30), daughter Solea Liana Engels (1) followed at the end of 2021 with her husband Julian Engels (29). The little one is now over a year old and is no longer breastfed. now betrays Sarahlike weaning from Solea then expired…

In a question and answer session Instagram explains the former winner of The Masked Singer: “After realizing that Solea As soon as she became interested in other foods, I tried to gradually cut back on breastfeeding and give her more and more baby food.” Yes Sarah must confess: “Honestly, it was really hard some days… If at some point the milk ran out and she still wanted to drink, the screaming was unstoppable.”

The mommy continues: “Or if you had the milk in your breast but wanted to eat it differently and the breast started to pull … things only women understand.” But at some point it finally worked! “After two weeks she stopped looking at her breasts and breastfeeding was completely foreign to her.” The weaning even made her a little sad at the end.