Sarah Harrison (31) made a small visual change. The influencer’s appearance has changed quite a bit in recent years, mainly because she has changed her hair color several times. Apart from that, she has operated on her breasts and has had botox injections before. When it comes to body jewelry, however, she has held back: unlike her husband Dominic (31), she does not wear tattoos. Sarah only has her ears pierced – and now she has a navel piercing again!

“Now it’s getting serious. I’m kind of scared because I don’t even know what I really want yet,” the former Bachelor candidate told her fans before visiting the piercing studio Instagram. She was very nervous, but stressed that she just wanted to go through with her plan. If she doesn’t like the navel piercing, she can simply take it out again and at most have a small hole in the place. So the 31-year-old decided to leave the piercing. After that, she couldn’t stop raving: “I did it and now I’m happy.”

Before her first daughter was born, Sarah wore a navel piercing but had to take it out. The fact that body jewelry is no longer so trendy doesn’t bother her. The mother-of-two posted a screenshot of a follower’s message, saying, “I would never do a belly button – it’s so out of the way.” Sarah however, later clarified: “It’s not about in or out. I like it. You don’t have to do anything because it’s trending and you don’t have to do without it because it’s out.”