From April 7th it’s finally time: Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten celebrate the worst films of all time with a new season! And for the anniversary episode, the duo has something very special in store: Paul Walker, Denise Richards & a T-Rex!

In six weeks it will finally be that time again – finally, finally, finally: Easter! What, you have nothing left for the egg hunt and you would rather have the Easter bunny swimming in a strong sauce on your plate? It doesn’t matter, because you too now have every reason to look forward to Easter. That is, if you were heading for the run when God handed out the good taste in movies…

From Good Friday (April 7, 2023) there are finally new episodes of the TV cult format #SchleFaZ on Tele 5 every Friday in April! And for the spring season they again came up with a number of ideas to please the trash lovers who have been stranded for months and have a penchant for off-the-beaten-track cinema. After all, the 150th episode is also an anniversary episode!

Before we tell you which four movies are waiting for you, here’s a very personal tip from CELEBTAP editor Daniel: Make a note of April 21 in your diary!

#SchleFaZ 2023: These movies are waiting for you

Carambola – Four fists strike again(Apr 7): An absolute must for fans of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – or not. Because for western comedy it wasn’t the mighty cult duo in front of the camera, but the two lookalikes Antonio Cantafora and Paul L. Smith, who wanted to ride the wave of Spencer and Hill’s success (and eventually went down without a word). ). Note: As blood alcohol levels rise, you may even see the similarities between fake and original at some point.

Tammy and the T Rex(Apr 14): Bond girl Denise Richards has a head over heels in love with Fast & Furious crowd favorite Paul Walker and remains loyal when a diabolical scientist transplants his brain into an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sounds kinda silly in advance, but in hindsight it’s even more silly – and incredibly charming, totally insane splashy fun that the author of this article always gets his money’s worth. Thanks to the great UK Blu-ray including 4K master (!!) and noble trash cover. On the other hand, the fact that the film is hardly known in Germany has a reason – and that could soon change: Because the film celebrates its German uncut premiere at #SchleFaZ!

Daniel Fabian / Webedia GmbH Shelf Eyecatcher: “Tammy And The T-Rex” On Blu-ray

Mega power(Apr 21): The sci-fi war action game about the hero Ace Hunter is a co-production of the toy company Mattel. It is not only the extravagant costumes that make it clear that no expense has been spared. The heroic adventure cost a whopping $20 million to produce in 1982 – about the same price as ET and Poltergeist, released that same year! How bad can the movie be?!

beer festival(Apr 28): Anyone who has had to shed tears at Broken Lizard brute force comedies like “Super Troopers” or “Club Mad” – whether it’s because of the realization that they’ll never get their wasted lives back or because of fits of laughter thanks to borderline stupid jokes – should that can also do here to have fun. And hey, there are at least four (!) Oscar winners on board. But that went…