Scintillating Details You Did Not Know About Joel Edgerton
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It was in 1995 when he first appeared on the scene, and Joel Edgerton has won the hearts of fans over the past two decades. The Australian actor and filmmaker got his break-out role in 2001 when he appeared as Will McGill in the first and second seasons of The Secret Life of Us.

In the following years, he continued to establish himself in the industry with his participation in productions such as The Square, The Great Gatsby, and Loving, which earned him so much praise. Looking at the increase in popularity of this award-winning actor in recent years, it is safe to say that this Joel would not be going anywhere in the near future. Since Joel will still be on screen for more than a few years, it is probably best to familiarize yourself with the actor.

Unknown Facts About Joel Edgerton

1. He Has Always Loved Acting

Born on June 23, 1974, into the family of Michael Edgerton, a lawyer, and real estate developer, and Marianne, a housewife; Joel Edgerton has always been in love with acting. He even dreamt of becoming an actor as a child.

He always wanted to play the role of a spy in a movie since he was 10 years old. As a result, he kept spy equipment: binoculars, a small recorder, and a book.

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2. His Brother Also Loves Acting

He shares Joel’s love of acting with his brother Nash Edgerton, who is a famous stuntman and film director.

Nash may not be as famous as his younger brother, but he has starred in many movies, including some sets he shared with his brother, such as Star Wars (Episodes II and III). His other films include The Matrix Trilogy, The Thin Red Line and Superman Returns.

3. Joel Edgerton Was Raised In a Homophobic Town

The actor always knew he was straight, and that made it easy for him to flow in the city where he grew up because it was homophobic. That’s why he never saw a kid who declared himself gay while he was in high school.

In 2018, he wrote, co-produced and directed the acclaimed film Boy Erased, which deals with the gay son of a Baptist pastor who came out to his parents. Then he is forced to attend a gay conversion therapy camp, whose head therapist Joel Edgerton plays.

4. Joel Once Feared Success in Hollywood

Although his success has already come to an end, the actor once revealed that he fears success in Hollywood so much because he could ruin it in the end. Even though it might not be drugs or something like that, he had the feeling that he might end up playing some roles that aren’t good and that it might be the end for him.

5. Is He Married?

Joel Edgerton is already approaching half a century, but he is not married yet, although he has had some relationships in the past. Although he is one of the not too many stars who always keep their private life under wraps, the actor is known for having dated Cathy Freeman, an athlete from 2003 to 2005 and then Robin McLeavy from 2009 to 2010. The next woman among the women who have dated the actor is Alexis Blake.

In 2016, words on the street betrayed that he would date model Wanessa Milhomem. Afterward, pictures of Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Lawrence made the rounds after their joint appearance in Red Sparrow. This led some to believe that they were together. It turned out, however, that Christine Centenera, Fashion Director of Vogue Australia, was the lover he was satisfied with. They have been together since 2018.

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6. What Is His Net Worth?

The Australian Hollywood star has estimated his total net worth at $3 million. This modest fortune is the result of his years in the industry. Considering that he is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, this amount should increase in the coming years.

7. Joel Edgerton Was Once a Devout Catholic

Growing up in Dural, Edgerton was a devout Catholic. He was so drawn to the faith that he observed most of its practices.