Why does Anastasiya Avilova (34) feel so bad? Ennesto Montè’s ex (48) was with pop singer Daniel Roth after the relationship. But this love also fell apart. Apparently the beauty was too demanding for him. Now the fans are speculating that they could be dating the Bauer sucht Frau star Patrick Romer (27). The spicy thing: He and Daniel were friends. Now speak Anastasia of a bad conscience on the net – for example because of Patrick?

In your Instagram-Story, she explains that she is currently very emotional. “On the one hand I have feelings of guilt, on the other hand some things hurt me here. I feel a lot of injustice, especially towards me – from all sides. But I also know that I messed up a lot”leads Anastasia out of. Although she does not name any names, her statements fit the whole situation.

Because yesterday Eric Sindermann (34) spoke up about this and said it was taboo to date a friend’s ex. By that he meant Patrick and Daniel. “Yes, I have read and seen everything”gives Anastasia – but she also emphasizes that there are always two sides to a story. Now she doesn’t want to comment anymore.

Source: celebtap.com