Where is Nadja Abd el Farrag (58)? Family, friends and fans are very concerned about TV exposure at the moment. The reason: Dieter Bohlen’s ex-girlfriend (69) has been gone for four months. Friends of hers published an appeal on the 58-year-old’s Instagram page asking the 58-year-old for a sign of life. But her good friend Julian FM Stoeckel is very irritated by this call. In an interview with , he revealed why celebrity flash!

In the call on Instagram it said, among other things, that Nadia has been betrayed by various people in the past and can no longer distinguish between friend and foe. In the message, her friends asked Nadia to get in touch with them. “What worries me the most is that the ‘friends’ only notice after four months? If my best friends didn’t call in four days, I’d call the police!”Julian explained celebrity flashwhy he finds the call suspicious.

“I found the post kinda creepy – I can’t explain it but it’s a feeling,” shared the entertainer. Some users also shared this feeling Instagram. “All very mysterious. Who knows what happened there. Strange feeling, even with the guy who uses your account”said one user. Others just hoped that Nadia reappears as soon as possible. “Love Nadiaplease get in touch in any way if you can,” a fan wished.

Source: celebtap.com