His wife is fighting for her life! David Kubacki is a Polish ski jumper and member of the National Team. In 2014, 2018 and 2022, the athlete took part in the Winter Olympics and won two bronze medals. In addition to his successful sports career, the 33-year-old is also married to Marta Majcher and has two children. But now the shock: Dawid ends the season early – because his wife is in mortal danger!

in one Instagramcontribution, the athlete explains that his wife had to be hospitalized with heart problems and is currently in mortal danger. “The doctors are fighting for their lives,” writes Dawid under the picture that shows Marta with their children. “She’s in good hands, she’s a strong girl. I know she’ll fight it.”is also under the family picture.

Many other ski jumping stars left messages under the emotional post. top jumper Karl Geiger (30) writes: “Only the best David, for you and your family. I hope that everything will be fine.” And Stefan Kraft also expresses his sympathy: “Our thoughts are with you.” Dawid left Norway early on Sunday and skipped the second ski flying. “Of course that’s the end of the season for me, but that’s not important now,” said the athlete.

Source: celebtap.com