Was Kisu’s (31) second pregnancy different from the first? The YouTuber and her husband Kevin Tewe welcomed their daughter Milena into the world in 2019. Since then, the influencer has kept her followers online about her life as a mom. Last November, social media awareness surprised her fans with good news: she is expecting her second child. celebrity flash betrayed kisu now how she experienced her new pregnancy so far.

celebrity flash met the 31-year-old at the opening ceremony of the TKMaxx online shop in the Supercandy Pop Up Museum in Cologne. There she explained that there were actually no big differences in their pregnancies: “The pregnancy itself was the same.” But with a small child at home, of course, everything is different. “Only I could no longer simply lie down if I wanted to, but of course I still had my firstborn. That was a challenge, of course.” kisu to.

It won’t be long before the little darling sees the light of day. recently had kisu gave her followers a final baby bump update. “Next month instead of the bullet will just be our second baby”she wrote on Instagram about a series of photos in which she captures the growth of her baby ball.

Source: celebtap.com