how far would be Adrian Loevenich went? The muscle man and his girlfriend Charline Grothe want to put their relationship on Temptation Island to the test: For this, the two hot seductresses have to resist. Particularly Adrian however, it seems a bit difficult to cope with this sensory overload: on the first day he was massaged by the single lady Nora Lob (34). She is sure: It probably wouldn’t have stayed that way!

Nico Legat crashed the massage session by entering the room – if that hadn’t happened, it would have Noras In my opinion, certainly came to more. “If Nico If it hadn’t gone in, there would have been more, I’m pretty sure. We would have become even more physical, we would certainly have cuddled.”the brunette is in the YouTube-Interview sure. She herself was amazed at how quickly the 24-year-old bit: “After ten minutes at the latest we were in his bed, I think that’s crazy. Men say women are easy to get, but Adrian was the lightest man I ever had.”

She herself cannot necessarily approve of the behavior of the hotties – as his girlfriend she would have a huge problem with such actions. “You ask yourself what’s going to happen in the next few days?”pondered nora afterward.