See Dark Deku's design in My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia is close to wrapping up its sixth season which featured one of the best arcs in the anime thus far. Full of revelations exciting fights and fallen heroes the sixth season even contributed to the increase in the number of copies in circulation of the original manga. Can this season get any better? Apparently, it does as a new promotional image from recent episodes shows the animated version of Dark Deku’s side.

In the last released episode of My Hero Academia as the heroes recover from their last fights Deku has been reflecting on One For All and the burden he has to carry even more so now that the villain and his pupil Tomura Shigaraki have grown stronger. And it is through this reflection that the hero decides to go out there and venture out on his own using a new look.

Dark Deku’s design was shared by the @DabisPoleDance Twitter account having been taken from the My Hero Academia anime’s official website.

What’s happened in My Hero Academia season 6 so far?

If you’ve been lost in the events of Season 6 know that Episode 131 kicked off the final act of the series. And Deku has been going through many changes including revealing his One For All secret to his friends dropping out of school and becoming a masked vigilante. What will become of the hero of My Hero Academia now that the weight of the world is on his shoulders?