Ekaterina Leonova’s (36) mom probably doesn’t agree with that. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that the professional dancer should be dating her Let’s Dance partner Timon Krause (28). At least she broke the engagement with her ex Hasan Kivran a few weeks ago. But one person doesn’t agree with the current situation at all: Ekat’s mom is said to be very unhappy about her daughter’s separation.

How Picture Ekat’s mother is said to have found out that the separation from Hasan was a mistake. A source revealed that the main issue here is money. Accordingly, her mother Vera is of the opinion that one should not separate from a man as rich as Hasan. But she should still want her daughter to be happy and the native Russian has probably already said that Timon make her happy. However, Ekat would not tell her parents if there were problems in a relationship. According to the insider, that was the case before.

One problem may be the rumor that Timon may not even be single. He’s reportedly split from his long-term partner, but a few days ago an insider claimed that didn’t happen. “He cheats on his fiancee with Ekat – and vice versa”this one had to Picture said. The mentalist only took off for the show for a short time.

Source: celebtap.com