Is Anne Wunsch (31) single again? The former Berlin – Day & Night actress made it public on Thursday that she is pregnant but would like to abort the baby. Four children are simply too much for her – she cannot do it alone. Many fans then suspected that the influencer was no longer with her boyfriend Karim (34). But now clear Anne the whole thing up.

In your InstagramThe influencer wrote that she had been alone with the children all the time. “He works a lot and I can manage everyday life alone with three kids and a job.” She doesn’t have a job with fixed working hours where you finish work at a certain time and can only concentrate on your family. “I work around the clock, 24/7,” emphasized the 31-year-old.

In addition, posed Anne clear that she doesn’t want to be a woman who is just a mom: “I’m building up my business, I’ve founded a brand, an XXL project is in the starting blocks.” It would not be possible to reconcile all this with four children. The decision to abort the baby would have karim and met them together.