Jakub Jarecki (27) takes a stand! Kate Merlan’s (36) husband polarized with his quick-tempered manner at Prominent separately. In the TV format, the footballer was particularly upset by his unwelcome roommates – above all Gloria Glumac. When nominated fell part Jakub even a violent insult that some viewers took as racist. In the celebrity flash-Interview responded Jakub now on the accusation!

At “Prominent separated” burst Jakub because of glory and their ex Nikola Glumac the collar. “You took him from the sex vacation in Serbia and put him on a leash,” the 27-year-old etched. “I laughed heartily that some people took it in a racist way. It can’t be surpassed in terms of ridiculousness.”asked Jakub across from celebrity flash at the launch of the TKMaxx online shop in the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne.

Jakub probably only with his choice of words glory Words reproduced to Niko. “The things I said when I was nominated are from glory Feather. […] She said ‘he found a stupid German for a German passport’. That doesn’t come from my pen!”explained Jakub. glory for example, allegedly aped Niko’s accent and said things like “I’ll be glad if you get deported back to Serbia”. Still see Jakub admits that his harsh language towards Niko wasn’t right.

Source: celebtap.com