Shocking news about Sophie Wessex (58)! Prince Edward’s wife (59) and her husband had recently received new noble titles. The couple are now the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. The new title and the associated rise in rank should above all Sophia make happy. But now bad news about the Duchess is making the rounds: A woman’s life is in danger after being hit by the Duchess’s escort!

Among other things Mirror reports that a police motorcycle escorting the 58-year-old in London struck an elderly lady, causing her to be thrown 12 meters. The 80-year-old woman has apparently been in mortal danger since then. In an official statement by Buckingham Palace it now says: “The Duchess’s thoughts and prayers are with the injured lady and her family. She is grateful for the quick response from the emergency services and will keep herself informed of developments.”

This is not the first scandal surrounding the mother of two. Apparently, this did not have an easy start in the royal family. In 2001, in taped conversations that became known as the “Sophie Tapes,” she had the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and criticized the royals. But the Queen (✝96) forgave her and Sophia became her favorite.