Serkan Yavuz (30) and Samira Klampfl (29) celebrate a milestone! The Bachelor in Paradise couple surprised fans shortly after appearing on the show by saying they’re already expecting a child. Months later, their first daughter, Nova Skye Sya, was born. Now the reality stars are celebrating the day of honor of the little ones: Serkan and Samira’s child turned one year old today!

On Instagram the influencers gave a little insight into their baby’s birthday. She gets a lot of gifts, balloons and cakes. Samira can hardly believe her luck and raves in her story: “I can hardly realize that at 2:27 a.m. we are allowed to live a whole year of Nova love. How incredibly well we mastered this time. Everyone!” Above all, she is grateful for her family and really proud of how great the first year with Nova was.

Serkan and Samira can no longer imagine life without their daughter Nova. Just recently, the Battle of Realitystars contestants gushed about his new role as a father: “I love being a dad so incredibly much. I feel it in my whole body, from head to toe, in every cell the indescribable love for my daughter”emphasized Serkan in the network.