Did Serkan Yavuz (30) really negotiate that badly? The former Bachelor in Paradise contestant is part of this year’s Realitystars cast. The participants have it all: Not only Ur-Bachelor Paul Janke (41), but also Matthias Mangiapane (39) and Giulia Siegel (48) are there. The first episode flickered across TV screens on Wednesday evening. In the show gave Serkan his alleged fee price, which should cause confusion among the viewers!

At “Battle of the Reality Stars” revealed Serkan at the beginning that he would only receive one euro for his participation in the format. The reason: Every year Samira Klampfl’s (29) partner applied as a candidate for the show – in vain. “Now I’ll pull my last ace out of my sleeve and do it for a euro”the 30-year-old clarified.

Hidden his fee Serkan not even in front of his comrades-in-arms. “I swear it on my daughter. It was a show I really wanted to be a part of,” he explained as he looked at disbelieving faces. “I wouldn’t go to any format for one euro,” said Antonia Hemmer (23) directly. Matthew Mangiapane however, directly admitted: “I would have done it for one euro.”

Source: celebtap.com