Serpentwithfeet – Everything To Know About The Musician

Serpentwithfeet – Everything To Know About The Musician

There are many musicians who can be called completely unique. Even more unique than most of them is Serpentwithfeet, whose music and voice are out of the ordinary. He entered the music scene as an experimental musician in 2014 and has since then earned a place as a singer in the fields of electronics, gospel, R&B, and experimental music. He already has an album and an extended piece. Serpentwithfeet mixes spirituality, romance, and strangeness into his music.

Serpentwithfeet Biography

Serpentwithfeet was born on July 9, 1988, in Baltimore, Maryland, as Josiah Wise. He grew up in a Christian family, with a mother who was a church choir director and a father who ran a Christian bookstore.

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Because of his background, he began singing in church as a child, in the Maryland State Boys Choir, something that would later help him channel his creativity. He was interested in becoming a classical singer, but he was not accepted when he applied to conservatories. He received his training at the University of the Arts and later moved to Philadelphia.

Serpentwithfeet – Everything To Know About The Musician
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When he studied classical singing techniques in college, he revealed that he did not come very close to the extraordinary in his class, not even at the top somewhere. Since leaving school, however, he has been working well on his art, which has helped him to be successful.

In terms of his career, he didn’t get his break as early as some others who had everything smooth right from the start. However, he has a style that is sustainable. He brings his Christian background to his music.

First, he spent a few years in Philadelphia, where he sang in various groups, although he didn’t really fit into those groups because of his rather high voice. For this reason, he quit before he later moved to New York where he worked hard to get studio sessions. In his early days there he slept on the sofas of friends.

The serpent, as he likes to be called, released his first studio album Soil in 2018. Before that, he had an extended piece, Blisters, which he released in 2016.

Things To Know About The Musician

1. He has been singing for a long time: Since Serpentwithfeet has only been receiving considerable attention for a relatively short time, he has been singing for a very long time. In 2010 he released a series of titles that were more sexually oriented and were on the darker side, including Death. However, he later deleted them again.

Serpentwithfeet – Everything To Know About The Musician
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2. Serpentwithfeet is gay:  Since he was young, Serpent realized that he was gay. Because of his origin, however, he found it difficult to come out or even talk about his sexual orientation. He revealed that he had been in a relationship in the past with someone he had been with for quite a while, but said nothing about it in his songs. Until now there is no information about who he has been dating or if he is in a relationship at all.

3. He has tattoos that are pretty creepy: Josiah Wise is not only a man who looks scary not only in his music but also in his looks. He has a whole range of tattoos, some of them on his head and face. Some of the scariest tattoos he has are a pentagon and the words “SKY” and “SUICIDE” which he has engraved on his head.

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4. He has toys and dolls that he loves so much: the singer has many toys and dolls, including one called Brandy, which he sometimes takes to his studio session. Wise likes his toys so much that he has given them names. Even more, he still collects more of them.

5. He has gained the attention of many great singers: Thanks to his musical style and creativity, Serpentwithfeet has gained the attention of stars like Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk, with whom he later worked. She introduced him in her remix of “Blissing Me”. He has also earned the respect of others such as the rock band Grizzly Bear, for whom he opened for during their tour. Others include Florence and the Machine, Ty Dolla $ign, Perfume Genius, and many others.

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