Sarah Ferguson (63) does not want to mince her words. The Duchess of York became part of the British royal family through her marriage to Prince Andrew (63). Her marriage may have ended in divorce, but she’s still very attached to the royals. She regularly raves about the members of the palace. But now the Brit is starting her own podcast – and Sarah announces to speak plain text.

“It’s time we spill the tea,” Fergie writes auspiciously Instagram. along with the moderator Sarah Jane Thompson, she is starting her own podcast entitled Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah. The 63-year-old is really looking forward to the project and can hardly wait. But apparently she also wants to unpack properly: “We’ll spill the tea, chat about our weeks and even set things straight at times.” What exactly she wants to unpack, she does not reveal yet.

Just a few days ago, the British royal family celebrated one of the biggest events in recent decades: King Charles’ (74) coronation. Sarah was absent from the ceremony, although she remains the Duchess of York. However, due to her divorce, she is not allowed to come to state functions. She congratulated the king and his wife Twitter despite it: “Congratulations to Their Majesties the King and Queen.”