Prince Albert II of Monaco (65) has made a decision! The Monegasque royal has been married to former swimmer Princess Charlène (45) since 2011. In recent years, she has repeatedly struggled with health problems and has withdrawn. Separation rumors about the couple also made the rounds and it is unclear what the current relationship status of the two is. Now Albert shocks the Royal fans: He removes Charlène from the line of succession!

The French newspaper reports Closer. If anything happened to Prince Albert before the 18th birthday of his son, the heir to the throne, or if he abdicated for other reasons, Charlène was previously entered as a candidate for the crown. She would take over as regent until her son came of age. Albert is said to have changed that last year – now a Regency Council would take over this office!

This regency council consists of a total of eight people, including Charlène and Albert’s sister Caroline von Hanover (66). If the worst comes to the worst, his wife does not have sole responsibility. Doesn’t Albert trust Charlène enough anymore?