They give a glimpse into their family life! Bushido (44) and his beloved Anna-Maria Ferchichi (41) could not have had enough children. Today, the rapper and Sarah Connor’s (42) sister share a whopping eight kids – and the two apparently enjoy being parents to the fullest. But if you have so many offspring, you need support here and there. The Ferchichis thought so too: Several nannies take care of the turbulent Bushido-Household for order!

Via Instagram portrays Anna Mariathat each of her triplets has their own nanny. She expresses: “Wonderful women, just today I thought how lucky we are.” In fact, all nannies live under the same roof as Bushido and his family. That was the best solution, says the scandal musician’s 41-year-old wife. She is also extremely grateful for the support she receives with her numerous offspring.

The support is probably also very convenient because not all children from Bushido and Anna Maria are healthy. This puts even more strain on the parents than they already do. For example, little Djibrail suffers from a chronic illness and has already had a “long ordeal” behind him, as the little one’s mom reports on social media.