Liz Hurley (57) shows her curves! The actress keeps proving that age is just a number. Even though she’s well past 50, she keeps showing that she’s still in top form. The Gossip Girl actress regularly posts hot photos online and shows off her curves – sometimes completely without clothes! Ecstatic now lic her fans sexy bikini photos again!

In an apricot-colored two-piece suit, the beauty poses in front of a mirror and uses it to photograph herself twice. The swimwear combined lic with gold jewelry – matching the stones that are worked into the straps of the bikini. In the three photos, she stages her curves perfectly and inspires her followers: “Not bad … you age like a good wine”, “You still look so hot”or “One of the most breathtaking women on the planet”, the users comment on it Instagram– Posting.

Just a few weeks ago, Steve Bing’s (✝55) ex-partner completely dropped her covers! She posed on a bed with no clothes on. She only partially covered her body with a fluffy pillow and bed sheet. Liz proudly smiled at the camera and wished her subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day.