She is honest! Shakira (46) has made a name for herself as a singer and has already reached a number of milestones. Above all, many musicians from the Spanish-speaking world regard the “She Wolf” interpreter as a role model. This is one of the reasons why the Latina was honored as “Woman of the Year” at the Billboard Gala Latin Women In Music. The performer was candid during her acceptance speech: That has Shakira to say about their past relationships!

The audience listened intently as the “Loca” singer had something to say. In your billboardspeech she uttered: “It makes no difference whether someone else is loyal to you or not. What really matters is whether you continue to be true to yourself or not.” For many fans, the direct reference to Shakiras recently broken marriage with footballer Gerard Piqué (36) obviously. The 46-year-old added when she was on stage: “When I felt most lost, it was the music that put me back on the path to myself.”

Whether they are also on the disstrack against Gerard alludes to? At the beginning of the year, the Latin pop icon released a song in which she settled accounts with the professional kicker. He is said to have cheated on her with a younger woman – the couple had separated last summer.