Shakira and Piqué return to the tense routine before their final move

Gerard Piqué celebrated his 36th birthday in recent days. Once that celebration is celebrated, it is time to resume their routines that also concern his ex-partner Shakira. The former soccer player picked up his children Sasha and Milan who spent the last days with his mother.

The return to the routine for Piqué and Shakira also means resuming the tension, after their separation. In addition, the Colombian is triumphing with her songs that have constant allusions to the former Barcelona player, as well as with her recent ‘Session #53’, in which she also refers to Clara Chía, Gerard’s new girlfriend.

Shakira has to go through this routine against what was initially planned since one of the divorce agreements with Piqué was that she would move to Miami with her two children. Something that she has had to delay due to the delicate state of health of her father, William Mebarak, who will be admitted this Monday, February 6, to a well-known private clinic in Barcelona to undergo surgery.

This intervention for which the reasons have not been revealed, as published by the ‘Vanitatis’ portal, should not be complicated since the Colombian trusts that with this intervention by her father – 91 years old – she will improve to be able to make the long journey from Plane from Barcelona to Miami.

Shakira listened to the medical recommendations to delay a trip that she hopes to make before the month of June. Meanwhile, the Colombian continues to maintain her residence in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​where she has to face, together with Piqué, the routines of caring for their children that they share and respect without any problems, so far, although there is an inevitable tension between both.