Shakira is going through a very bitter moment, her father will have surgery this Monday
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Shakira Mebarak is not going through the best moment of her life on a personal level, contrary to the professional one, and that is that the song Session #53 is at the top on all platforms, but she has just received very bad news. The health of William Mebarak, father of the Colombian singer, will be operated on again this coming Monday, February 6.

Shakira and her first love: William Mebarak

William Mebarak has had several health problems in the last year and more specifically, in recent months when he was about to celebrate his 90th birthday at a great party in Miami, the singer’s father was admitted to the hospital.

That birthday day was magical for everyone. William danced and sang with his dear daughter and they were all happy, just like in the books. Soon after, Willy (as his loved ones call him) flew to Barcelona with Nidia Ripoll, his wife, to spend a few months with Shakira.

William Mebarak is going through some very difficult days, but he is fortunate that Shakira is watching over him all the time, and every time he is admitted to the hospital, his daughter takes him and stays with Don Willi for days. But another bad news arrived, this Monday, February 6, they will perform another intervention on the head of the Mubarak family.

The admissions and exits from the Mebarak hospital have been continuous since he arrived in Barcelona at the end of 2021. Last October he had a long stay, more than a month, in a well-known private clinic in Barcelona, ​​the same one in which he had been on previous occasions since he hit his head in May.