The setbacks don’t seem to stop. Sharon Battiste (31) takes part in this year’s season of Let’s Dance. Her actual dance partner Christian Polanc (44) was injured after the first show, so the former bachelorette had to rehearse a performance with Alexandru Ionel (28). After Christian was fit again, she now has to change again due to the partner swap. Now it seems that her short-term dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) also had problems!

At Instagram the beauty tells her fans about a “health incident”. valentine. “Now we continue to work and use every second to train together”leaves Sharon her followers know. At the same time, she wishes him a speedy recovery and also thanks him valentines Mrs. Renata Lusin (35), probably for valentine had stepped in.

The second involuntary exchange of Christian was very difficult for the former rose lady, as she was crying in the RTLinterview made it clear: “Because you walk the path together and I just don’t want to swap.” She finds the change of partner “shit”, explained Sharon in tears.