Sharon Mobley Stow Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know
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Sharon Mobley Stow may not have been as popular as her husband, Abilio Jim Acosta, before the news of her divorce in 2017, but the dilapidated nature of her marriage drew a lot of attention to her as people began to become curious about who the woman was who could rightly be called Acosta’s support system over the years. The following paragraphs tell the story of her background, career, relationship, and other important facts we have gathered about her.

Sharon Mobley Stow Biography

Sharon Mobley Stow is an American who was born sometime in 1971 in Maryland, in the United States of America. She also grew up in Maryland, where she attended high school before enrolling in nursing studies at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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There were no words about who Dow’s parents are, what their names are, where they now live, and what they do for a living. It is also not known whether she has siblings or not. The reason for this is that Mobley prefers to keep her family matters private. Especially those concerning her parents and siblings.

As for her career, Sharon Mobley Stow trained as a nurse at James Madison University. She reportedly received her medical license on September 14, 2015. As a nurse, Sharon is good-natured, friendly, hardworking, and meticulous in caring for people. This distinguished her among her peers and provided her with opportunities that enabled her to work in various hospitals in Maryland.

Sharon Mobley Stow Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Although Sharon Mobley had a successful career in her nursing profession, she was not as famous beyond Maryland until her relationship with Jim Acosta put her in the spotlight. The two began their relationship when they were students at James Madison University. While Sharon studied nursing, Jim studied mass communication with a minor in political science.

In the few years that passed, until she graduated in 1993, their friendship developed into a love affair. The following year, 1994, Sharon Mobley Stow and Jim Acosta were married in a wedding ceremony held at the Wye of Carmichel United Methodist Church, Queenstown, Maryland. Only some of their family members and friends were present at the ceremony.

After their marriage, the two spent their honeymoon on the Greek islands. They then bought a three-bedroom house for $660,000 in Maryland, where they lived for several years before they started reproducing.

During their marriage, which lasted more than two decades, the couple had two sons and a daughter: Hartley (first daughter and first child) and Peter (second child, first and only son). The name of the youngest son and the last child they had together is not known to the public.

For 24 years Sharon Mobley Stow and Jim Acosta were married in a seemingly happy marriage. But when news of their divorce broke, she dominated the headlines of various tabloids for weeks, even as those who knew her were shocked at the sudden fall of their marriage. At the end of 2017, they put the final nail in the coffin of their marriage at the Carles County District Court in late 2017, and since then they have continued to live their lives as singles without a word about Sharon having entered into another relationship.

Other Interesting Facts You Need To Know  About Jim Acosta’s Ex-Wife

1. Divorce Reasons

For a marriage to break down after 24 years, something greater than the love with which the marriage began must have dealt the couple a severe blow. Sharon Mobley Stow and Jim Acosta must have suffered a similar fate, but they did not reveal what tore their marriage apart. After the divorce rumors spread that Jim was probably gay. However, since the divorce was finalized in 2017, he has not come out as such.

2. Present Relationship

It is not uncommon for celebrities to enter a new relationship right after a relationship ends. For some, it will only be a matter of weeks, for others a few months, and for some, it will take much longer than a year or more before they find love again.

We have been keeping an eye on Sharon Mobley Stow to know if and when she will be torn off her feet again by a new lover. So far, nothing like this has happened, as she has remained single since her divorce from Jim Acosta.

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3. Salary and Net Worth

As for her finances, there is no accurate report on how much Sharon Mobley earns. However, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the salary of a registered nurse is $75,510 a year. So it is very likely that Stow earns about that amount. Their exact net value is also unknown, as it is currently under review. However, some estimates suggest that the nurse is worth about $1 million. It is assumed that her net worth has increased considerably due to her relationship with the media personality.

4. Social Media

Sharon Mobley Stow has no known and verified presence on social media. Her absence on these platforms has made it even more Herculean to keep up with what is going on in her social life outside of her nursing career.

5. Body Measurement and Features

Nurses are beautiful, and Sharon Mobley is indeed a beautiful woman. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, has brown eyes and black hair. Unfortunately, her body weight and statistics about her slim body are not yet known.