The palace announced in a statement on Wednesday that Prince Harry (38) was to attend his father’s coronation, King Charles III. (74) will come. Duchess Meghan (41) stays with Prince Archie (3) and Princess Lilibet (1) in California. Only Harry and Meghan were officially invited to the coronation – without children. One person doesn’t think the decision for Meghan to stay in America with the kids is right at all!

Now a former friend of the Duchess is also in touch Mirror to word. Actress Lizzie Cundy, who was friends with Meghan before her relationship with Harry, has a clear opinion on the Duchess’s coronation cancellation: “I think they’re totally selfish! It is very sad for Lilibet and Archie in particular that they will miss this special day. And Charles won’t be able to see his grandchildren again. You should be ashamed.”

Lizzie also suspects she knows the real reason Meghan won’t be attending the coronation. “I don’t think she comes because she knows she’ll be booed if she comes here. She puts her own feelings about it and fears about it before her children. […] How do they both want to explain to Archie and Lilibet why they weren’t at the coronation?”