Shocking news from Daniel Aminati (49)! The presenter and his wife Patrice are of one heart and soul. At the beginning of last year, the two lovebirds said yes. A few months later their little daughter saw the light of day and made the family happiness perfect. But now the TV star is making bad news public: his loved one has skin cancer.

The 49-year-old shares this information Instagram. A series of pictures shows the blonde in the hospital. Among other things, you can see how Daniel hugs his wife or how she hugs the little one Charlie Malika enjoyed. The Aachener writes: “A routine check-up by my wife Patrice revealed the diagnosis: Malignant (black) skin cancer that has already metastasized.” The 27-year-old had already been operated on and the two would now face a few challenging months. “She is incredibly brave and faces this tragedy with admirable confidence,” says the concerned husband.

The two are facing a difficult time, but they can probably hold on to their love. Just a few weeks ago, Daniel expressed the close bond with his wife online. He commented on a cute couple pic of the two: “Having a dream partner is more valuable than winning the lottery.”