Terrible news around Foster Moreau (25)! The American started his professional career in the NFL in 2019. He was a successful tight for the Las Vegas Raiders for three years. In the past few weeks, the athlete had been looking for a new club for which he could be on the field in the future. But then there was a nasty surprise during the necessary medical check-up: Foster was diagnosed with cancer!

Via Twitter Foster made the disturbing news public. “I have learned that I have Hodgkin Lymphoma and will be retiring from football to fight a new opponent: cancer”, explained the 26-year-old. A few days ago he had completed a medical check-up with the New Orleans Saints – after which the doctor in charge gave him the devastating diagnosis.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to go through this difficult time alone. In addition to his fans, the NFL star can also count on the support of his wife Sarah, with whom he has been together since high school. The two are proud parents of two sons.

Source: celebtap.com