Is Max Minghella (37) forgive again? The actor and his partner Elle Fanning (24) only announced their separation in early April. The “Maleficent” actress confirmed this herself. But she hasn’t given up on love yet, because she is a hopeless romantic. And now your ex could have found a new happiness: Max was spotted walking with an unidentified brunette!

How Daily Mail reported Max spotted on the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday. But the 37-year-old was not only accompanied by his dog, but also went for a walk with a woman. The Pictures show how the two of them strolled through the sun in their casual everyday look on the walk with their four-legged friend. In addition to an apparently lively conversation, the dark-haired beauty also brought a coffee for refreshment. Who it is Max‘ Companion is acting but is currently unknown, as is the relationship between the two.

Max‘ former partner ell however, seems to be enjoying her single life. However, the 24-year-old has clear ideas about what her private and professional future should look like. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she revealed that she would like to be a mom in the next ten years: “I would like to play Grace Kelly (✝52) and have children.” She already loved the feeling when she was supposed to wear an artificial baby bump for filming.