Amanda Bynes (37) has made headlines in recent weeks. In late March, the actress was spotted shirtless on the streets of Los Angeles. A little later, the “She’s the Man” actress was admitted to a psychiatric ward. The American actress is said to have left again in the meantime. Now her ex-fiancé announces details: amanda broke up with him shortly before the incident!

Across from TMZ packs amandas Ex PaulMichael now about the split from the child star. It took place a week before she wandered around the street naked. Loud Paul may be amanda disappeared three days earlier and finally came home with another man. As a result, there was a dispute between the former fiancé and the 37-year-old had come to terms with the reason Paul separated, no longer interested in him. Finally he packed his things and left in shock. To this day have amanda namely seemed stable and satisfied to him. Paul suspects that something must have happened while she was away.

In a previous interview with Page Six told shortly after her induction amandas already: “She has stopped taking her medication and is still not taking it.” He also revealed details about their turbulent breakup, in which amanda accused him of using drugs. Loud Paul she was just trying to distract herself.